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Be Great TODAY

Weekly Inspiration to Start Your Week

Get inspired

The Blue Recluse

The podcast about everything Blizzard Entertainment.

Enter the tavern

Dungeon Fables

Exploring the stories behind the dungeons and raids

To the dungeon


A Blizzard fan-gnome talks about WoW with friends

Visit Gnomeregan

The Frazley Report

Weekly news report by Frazley Sparkspan

Listen to the report

Geek Herring

Critical Geek Culture Podcast

Get geeky

The Halfhill Report

A Small Town View of a Very Large World

To Halfhill

Nerd This!

Five guys – one love for nerdiness

Get nerdy!

Raider's Confessional

Anything and everything about World of Warcraft Raiding.

Enter the raid

Three Extra Lives

A Video Game & Trivia Podcast!

Get quizzing

Meet The Dragon

Amanda Sloan

With maple syrup coursing through her veins, Amanda is head of the Dragon’s written word. She’s a strong advocate for geek feminism and approaches the world with pragmatism and humour. If she’s not podcasting, Amanda can usually be found cooking ridiculously huge vegan feasts, reminiscing about old school Mario, and dancing in her kitchen to indie rock.

  • Podcast Host Of: Geek Herring
  • Favourite Podcasts: Be Great TODAY, From the Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl, Three Extra Lives
  • Current Game Obsession: Final Fantasy XIV
  • Where in the World: Northern Ireland
  • Favourite Potato Chip/Crisp Flavour: Sour Cream & Cheddar (and needs to find a vegan version STAT!)

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Jonathan "Frazley" David Bloom

From Slime Time to the Fire Line, our resident gnome is jack of all trades at the Studio. Frazley is an avid podcaster and community supporter who always looks on the positive side of life. If you don’t see him live on Twitch, he’s probably on his daily quest for 10,000 steps, levelling another alt in World of Warcraft, or working on his communications degree.

  • Podcast Host Of: FrazlCast, Be Great TODAY and The Frazley Report
  • Favorite Podcasts: The School of Podcasting, Sleep With Me Podcast, The Story Behind Podcast
  • Current Game Obsession: Facing my fears under the water in Subnautica
  • Where In The World: I live in Dublin, OH - The Home of Wendy’s Hamburgers
  • Potato Chip Flavor: K.C. Masterpiece BBQ. Your hands get grimy, but it tastes SO GOOD!!!!

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Martin Hoffmann Larsen

One guy, too many projects. Old. And too little time to game. Good thing he is old so he can complain about all the time he doesn’t have, to do all the things he wants to do. Preferably before he dies. When he is not complaining he is probably busy doing techy things or working on yet another project he probably won’t finish. At least he can still complain about not finishing it. He is Danish after all.

  • Podcast Host: Nerd This!, The Blue Recluse
  • Favourite Podcasts: Nerd This!, The Blue Recluse
  • Current Game Obsession: Probably World of Warcraft
  • Where in the World: Denmark
  • Favourite Potato Chip/Crisp Flavour: Is more a chocolate guy

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Thom Knight

If it’s space or Sonic related, you can bet that Thom’s all over it. Taking point on community outreach, he lives, dreams, and breaths fire. Thom is an indie games junkie and MMORPG collector who uses podcasts to spread the love. From Apple Podcasts to Twitch, you’re guaranteed to relish in his even, dulcet tones, banterous nature, and easy camaraderie.

  • Podcast Host: Three Extra Lives, Nerd This!, The Blue Recluse
  • Favourite Podcasts: BOOP Show, Answer Me This, Geek Herring
  • Current Game Obsession: No Man’s Sky
  • Where in the World: Northern Ireland
  • Favourite Potato Chip/Crisp Flavour: The ever reliable Salted!

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